DONE Feedback 1

5. Button Color ✅

The correct HEX code for buttons is: #8169FF


1. Update Assets (Top of the Page) ✅

Let’s remove the header image and ProtoPie icon to stay consistent with other pages on our website.

Instead of the Cloud 3D image, please use the "ProtoPie Community” image we’ve added to the Figma Folder.


3. Cards Size and Links ✅

Can we make the ambassador cards a bit smaller?

They look very big on larger screens.


Also, can we add the hyperlink to the images instead of adding it to the sentence below the name? This is how it should be: you click on each card, the portfolio opens on a new tab. We can replace the sentence below their name with their job title (you can find them on the original Notion page). And there was a mistake in the name of the last name: it’s Mike Thorne, not John Redhead

4. Slack Invite Link ✅

Can you please update it?

6. Clutter between Sections ✅

Can we add more white space between sections (for example between invite buttons and “Meet our....”)? To improve readability.


7. Content Size on Larger Screens ✅

The page looks fine on screens up to 1440p. But beyond that, the content displays too big. Can you use grids in Super? Can we increase the left and right margins as the screen size goes beyond 1440p, without increasing the size of the content?

8. Last Asset ✅

Next to “Want to become a ProtoPie Ambassador?”, we can use the “Ad 2” asset in this folder:[Public]?node-id=301%3A328


9. Remove Asset ✅

Please remove this asset as we already have enough images on the page:


2. Why Join our Community? Layout

The layout of this section seems to break when you resize the page and make it smaller?


Also some coworkers said it’s a bit difficult to read the cards because the space feels a bit cluttered. Maybe we can find a better way of displaying this information to improve readability? For example using the same UX as on this page (list of features) - however, I’m not sure it can be achieved with Super? If not possible, we can keep using these cards but maybe slightly reduce the font size of the body text and apply the same soft shadow as in here (cards at the bottom of the page)? In any case, it’s better to remove the hover animation because it gives people the feeling the cards are clickable, but it’s just static information.

DONE Feedback 2

1. Invert Position ✅

Can we move “Our community channels” on top of “Why join our community? as follows:


2. Add Image to “Why join our community”?

The new layout looks great, but I guess adding one image here would look even better? I guess we can use the dog one in the Figma Folder.

Also, can we add a bit more spacing between the title and “Connect with....”?


7. Check Responsive Design / Breakpoints

I guess we need to check how the page behaves on different screens? For instance, I noticed the button below doesn’t display right on smaller screens like tablets and cards shrink weirdly?


5. Change Color Link

Can we change the color of the link below “here” to the same purple color of our buttons (#8169FF)?


4. Spacing Last Section ✅


Can we increase spacing in the last section (in yellow above)? It looks like there’s less empty space there compared to previous sections. I’ll also ask our designer to modify the image asset a little bit (the table surface is a bit too long), but she’s off today, so i’ll share it next week ;)

3. Fix Card Layout

It seems the first card below is not aligned with the others (because of the longer text).


Can we display the country next to the title, like in the original template? That should solve the problem:


1. Fix Spacing between Titles and Body

I noticed the spacing between “ProtoPie Community” and the body is wider than the same spacing in the other two chapters. Can we make it consistent and apply the spacing of the 1st paragraph to other paragraphs too?


6. Remove Footer (on Stand-By)

I’m not sure, but I guess we can display the footer we already have on our website when this page will be published? So maybe this footer won’t be necessary?

DONE Feedback 3

Feedback 3

Hey, Patricia! So sorry for the slow update. I’ve updated the page based on the latest feedback, check it out. Here are some comments:

  • I tried to incorporate the 2-hand images in the hero banner with some level of success, but decided to remove it because I felt it’s not practical. If, for some reason, the image blocks got accidentally removed in the future, somebody with strong CSS expertise will need to intervene to remedy the problem.
  • There’s one more thing that I need, a link for the Sign Up button.
  • And also, you mentioned before about changing the wordings of ‘View Portfolio’ button on the Ambassadors card. Let me know about it.

Thanks! Looking forward to your next feedback 😄